1)  A computer programmer writes an entire program Software Engineer develop a software system part which will be combined with parts written by different software system engineers to create a system

2) Programming is primarily a single person activity Software Engineering is basically a team activity

3) Programming is simply one side of software system development Large software system systems should be developed like different engineering practices

4) On an average computer programmer makes a salary of $78,260 a year whereas the software system engineers can take a salary of $93,280 a year

5) A computer programmer is aware of the way to code and will have the technical skills required to create significant merchandise. A software engineer follows a scientific method of understanding necessities, operating with stakeholders and developing an answer that fulfills their needs.

6) A programmer tends to work alone. A software engineer is an element of a bigger team

7)Computer Programmer takes a broad approach to the study of the principles and use of computers that covers each theory and application. On the opposite hand Software Engineering could be a field mostly involved with the appliance of engineering processes to the creation, maintenance, and style of a software system for a range of various functions.

8) A computer programmer hired to produce the code of a computer program. It will imply that you know how to write code, can understand an algorithm and follow specifications. A software engineer is a developer who has a specific type of degree, some knowledge of engineering, and is capable of designing a system. Basically, software engineer sees a wider picture, and are capable of designing and explaining it and separating it into smaller modules.


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